When a hacker gets your phone number!

By Tomer Yair Zemel

The Phone Scam:

This particular scam is a simple but also an effective one. It has been evolving throughout the years and now hits once again. Have you got a call asking you to move money ASAP? Did the caller pretend to be Police or Credit Company? Did it all seem real and legit?

How Does It Work?

Scammers will rush you to physically / digitally transfer money to them, lots of it.

🚦Scammers will collect data on you.

🚦They will use social engineering methods*

🚦Someone will contact you saying they’re a family member/ friend in need.

🚦They will say they need money to get out of trouble NOW.

🚦They will create a sense of urgency.

🚦They will ask you to send money ASAP.

🚦They will hand over a lawyer/official representative that will strengthen the urgency and legitimacy of their claim.


In order for you to avoid such scams remember these steps:

βœ…Never give out any personal information.

βœ…Report suspicious messages.

βœ…Resist the pressure to send money immediately. Hang up.

βœ…Call the family member who (supposedly) contacted you.

βœ…If this is a call that pretends to be the police or a credit company, hang up and call them yourself.

At SafeHouse we have created the BodyGuard App to ensure your privacy and safety from hackers and prying eyes. Only a combination of technology and cyber awareness will keep you and your loved ones safe. Read more about social engineering (link in the first response)

Keep Safe & Keep AwareTeam SafeHosue πŸ™πŸ’™

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