A Huge Chinese Spy Global Network Exposed!

By Tomer Yair Zemel

And before we tell you all about how scary it is, you should know, SafeHouse and BodyGuard users are 100% safe from these types of attackers due to the technology we implement in SafeHouse Tech!

A recent investigation has uncovered a huge, years-long data-collecting network by a Chinese global organization.

For years, this spy network collected data in China but in 2019, they inserted their spyware into the network providers around the globe - This was an attack on cellular providers and has resulted in the theft of the most private information, from calling hours to passwords and other detailed information on users.

The attackers have been able to establish themselves on the network for years and obtain information belonging to millions of subscribers without being exposed, they have managed to steal critical information from servers of millions of users.

How Does It Affect SafeHouse Users?


If you are a BodyGuard user, you are completely protected from this. SafeHouse uses a combination of technologies that also incorporate the WireGuard protocol. This protocol improves your security dramatically. It’s the most secure protocol the world currently has.

What is WireGuard to start with?

WireGuard is a security-focused virtual private network. WireGuard protocol uses modern cryptography and network code to create an encrypted tunnel between two sides.

What is WireGuard on the kernel level and why should you care about it?

The kernel is the essential center of a computer operating system (OS). All Operating Systems have a kernel. Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, and Linux. A kernel-level WireGuard means it’s already “baked” into the OS.

It’s much more secure, has better performance, and consumes fewer resources. Until now only Linux had a kernel-level WireGaurd. The rest of the OSs have a user-space implementation which is less efficient.

And now, Windows will join in with the just-announced WireGuardNT (WindowsNT being Windows kernel). Also, Google recently announced that the upcoming Android 12 will include a kernel-level WireGaurd.


SO would you like a better, faster, more secured VPN? Who wouldn't?

Not many companies are able to supply this level of security and anonymity, however, SafeHouse does! This will give you all the benefits that are soon coming. Better privacy, more security, and higher speed! Your internet experience is going to be faster, more secure, and with no battery drainage. That makes your BodyGuard VPN a lot faster.

Honestly, everyone is waiting for some more information on this game-changing technology WireGuard in the security world and we will keep you updated with more information soon! Till then stay safe online with BodyGuard

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Shikha Dutt, Tomer Yair Zemel
Safehouse Team