Major Privacy Violations!

By Tomer Yair Zemel

Millions Of Users Password Stolen! Were you one of them?

To be exact, 5.8 million users were breached via sneaky App downloads directly from Google play.

The Apps tricked users by loading the real Facebook sign-in page, just to load JavaScript to "hijack" credentials. Please see the below list to find out if your passwords were compromised and refresh your FB passwords anyway!

If you've downloaded or installed any of these Android apps, to remove them: Go into Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps and click on each app's listing in order to uninstall it.

The Apps at action:

While all these apps are gone from Google Play, they're still available on third-party app stores. We suggest avoiding them, and in general, avoid downloading apps from "off-road" marketplaces.

As always, keep safe in the digital space!
Tomer Yair Zemel