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Join us in our mission to secure everyone online. We are redefining cyber security for consumers; making non invasive, military grade cyber tech accessible to every Internet user in the click of one button.

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Digital Safety

Secure Your Smartphone

  • Real time protection for all your Internet traffic
  • Military grade encryption while you stay connected
  • AI powered cyber defense to combat all types of cyber attacks

The best mobile security I’ve come across! Amazing network and VPN, strongly recommend it.




Smart Lock Your Apps

  • Add an additional layer of security for any of your apps
  • Keep your sensitive information safe and private on-device
  • Create a PIN / password of your choice or fingerprint to lock & unlock

I love Airtight because even if someone has the password to my phone, my personal data is safe.




Know Your Apps Origin

  • Find out the country of origin for any app
  • Control your data from flowing to these countries
  • Uninstall any apps from any country as per your discretion

Patriot is my favourite. A feature I thought I’d never use that totally exceeded my expectations!

Sunil Sharma

New Delhi


Find Your Exposed Data

  • Dark web intelligence tool
  • Search by just typing in your own or a loved one’s email
  • Get alerted if websites or apps that you subscribed to get hacked

It was shocking to see so many apps I had get hacked. Glad BodyGuard protects me now.

Soumajit Mitra



Locate Your Phone Anywhere

  • Track and control your smartphone remotely if lost or stolen
  • For a lost smartphone you can get a GPS accurate location

I used to forget my phone everywhere and worry about it… But now I forget it with confidence



Cyber Insurance

In Case Things Go Wrong

  • Insurance by HDFC ERGO to cover our Indian customers for digital theft of funds
  • Get compensated for unauthorised digital access to your bank account, credit or debit cards or digital wallets


See How Safe You Are

  • Find out, at a glance, how exposed you are to digital threats
  • Get simple tips for improving your online protection
  • Have fun, with quiz questions to test (and improve) your safety savvy


Encrypted Experience
  • State of the art encryption technology for all your Internet traffic
  • Indulge in an anonymous and secure VPN connection online at all times
Wi-fi & Hotspot Protection
  • Be invisible to hackers over any compromised Internet connection
  • Stay private online when connected via cellular, home wi-fi, or public hotspots
On-device Controls
  • Safeguard all sensitive information stored across any of your apps
  • Know which apps access your data and are not compliant with ethical user privacy
Safe Browsing
  • Detection and prevention of web-based cyber attacks in real time
  • Browse with peace of mind; any browser level threat will be thwarted
Phishing Armor
  • Multi channel defense across email, text, instant messaging & social media
  • Stay secure against targeted and automated click-bait attacks, scams & frauds
Advanced Anti-Malware
  • AI powered cyber defense to defeat sophisticated cyber attacks
  • Virtual shield for ransomware, adware, spyware, and other types of malware