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Has your webcam been hacked?

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Tomer Yair Zemel

Here is how you can tell:

Remote control malware has led the way (in many ways), to look at things that are not meant to be looked at, whether it's your personal data or your very own private life, it's easier to catch a sneak peek and more, than you may actually think.

Getting to your PC camera is much easier than reaching a mobile and that, can be prevented in a few easy ways:

  1. Make sure your PC is up to date with all software updates.
  2. When getting on a WiFi network - keep it VPN protected.
  3. Cover your webcam when not using it.
  4. Review your security permission and any possible outgoing traffic that you don't recognize.

These are all basic methods that apparently are not being used by all people as at every given point hackers say according to online source, they can access 79,000 unprotected webcams worldwide!
And when it comes to your Mobile phone?
And when it comes to your Mobile phone?
Although your mobile camera can be hacked, it’s one of the least likely parts of your device that could/will be hacked into. It's a much more challenging process that will require a trojan horse virus and is not that easy to implement, especially if you don't download Apps from a suspicious source (not from Google or Apple), but still, how can you tell?

  1. Your battery life will decrease dramatically all of a sudden.
  2. Your device restarts without you shutting it down.
  3. Your device simply " acts out".
  4. Your Data Usage is off the charts - this is easy to watch and follow, if your average data usage has grown dramatically without you actually doing anything different - beware! you may have been compromised.

Unlike your PC, it’s not common and not that easy, plus, very unlikely that your phone camera has been hacked. Just a tiny percent of these cases have appeared and usually in direct correlation to things you should not have been doing with your device, so, we wouldn't worry much on that front yet however, we do suggest to follow the advice above and keep use of VPN and security Apps on a regular basis.
And as always, keep safe in the digital space

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As always, have a good one and, keep safe in the digital space.