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From our SafeHouse CEO – To you!

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Liad Herman

Let's talk about... Cyber. And more importantly, let's talk about you and me. To our amazing SafeHousers, cyber addicts and cyber lovers, i want to truly welcome you to our blog! This is where we would interact, share information, exchange & explore ideas about the wide world of Cyberspace. This space, is as open as an ocean, and more complex then the eye can see.

Let me start by telling you about who we are, and what exactly we do at SafeHouse?

SafeHouse is an Israeli-Indian cyber security enterprise that was created with just one mission; A mission to provide digital safety for real people. Gone are the days when cyber security was just for the devices. We believe, in today's age and time, it is the digital identity of the real people that needs cyber security. In other words, it is real people, like you and me who need cyber security. It was only after providing our services to the government for years, we realised the need in having a digital layer protecting real people.

We all have our cyber-self, our digital identity as we call it here at SafeHouse.

Our digital identity is all exposed in this wild and wide world of the internet. Surprisingly, no one is protecting us out there. Of course, there are these cyber experts; Individuals and organisations who monitor, detect, investigate, analyse, and respond to cybersecurity risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

But are they doing it for you and me? The answer is NO.

We at SafeHouse want to bridge the gap between the cyber experts and the real people and provide solutions to secure the real people.

Do not worry I am not going to start with a sales pitch, I have an amazing team to do that. Thanks to them we have reached 500k active users in the span of only 12 months. While it is highly satisfying to be able to secure the digital identity of these real people, I also want to connect with all of you out there.

I want to expand this closed community of cyber experts and give everyone an accessibility to understand cyberspace. In the weeks to come, my team and I will talk about everything that matters in cyberspace. Let us delve into why we see a paradigm shift in hackers behaviour, why did the cyber industry forget about you and me, phishing 101 and so much more.

I am so excited to unfold this astonishing world of cyberspace with you guys!

Always securing you!
Liad Herman
CEO & Co-founder