Remote Control Guide

By Daryn Dusansky

What is the Remote Control Feature?

With BodyGuard’s unique tracking feature, you are able to locate your device wherever it may be. If you misplaced your smartphone, you could get an accurate location of where it is. More so, you can have the device play a siren noise and take a snapshot of its surroundings. With the remote control feature, you can track, protect, and control your smartphone remotely if stolen or lost. Whether you put your phone down and do not remember where, or it was stolen, Remote Control is ready to help.

How do you Activate the Remote Control Feature?

Open the BodyGuard app on your mobile device. Under the button that activates VPN, there is a section titled “features.” This is where you will click on the remote control feature. A new page will open where you will activate the remote control by clicking the button.

You will then add a trusted contact. This is in case your device is lost, and you cannot log in with your account.

Once the remote control feature is activated, the location and siren noise is also automatically set up, as long as you give permission for the app to access your location. After completing these steps, you are ready to find your phone in minutes the next time you lose it!

If you lose your phone, how do you track it with BodyGuard?

On another device, such as a computer or tablet, visit and click login through the OTP option. Using your email connected to your account, you will be sent an OTP code to log in from the BodyGuard Team. Enter your email and OTP code and log in.

Once logged in, deem your device as lost. When you make this change, notifications will appear on the phone saying that “the owner is looking for this device.”

Then choose if you want to play the sound, take a picture, and/or get the device's location. Click on locate device to find the Location feature. From there, click on the location button to track the device's location. To see the device's surroundings, click on the Take Snapshot button and a photo will be taken to see where the device is and if it is in the hands of someone else. By clicking the Play Siren button, your device will play a sound even if it is on silent. Finally, locking your device will make sure that nobody is able to get into it.

Once you have found your device, go back to and change the mode of your phone to “safe” to end the siren and notifications.
Make sure that your device is safe even when not in your hands!