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VPN Guide

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Daryn Dusansky

What is VPN?

VPN, which stands for virtual private network, is a secure tunnel between the device you are using and the internet. Ultimately, VPN encrypts your device's internet traffic and masks your digital identity while online. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone to track your activities. While Safehouse hides your real IP, with a secure and different one, you are private while online and no one can track your activities. This secures your personal information, preventing your data from getting into the hands of the wrong people who can use this information against you.

How is Safehouse VPN Different?

Safehouse VPN is unlike any other VPN. It uses military-grade encryption to secure your device while you are connected to the server. By using an AI-powered cyber defense, Safehouse can combat all types of cyber-attacks. Wireguard is the fastest VPN and the default VPN protocol for Safehouse. Additionally, Safehouse is cloud-based. Rather than just being an anti-virus form of VPN, Safehouse also provides complete mobile security and privacy.

How do I Activate the VPN?

To activate Safehouse VPN, you simply open the app on your device and select the country whose network you would like to be on, if you have no preference, you can also select “fastest server.” Safehouse allows you to choose from six countries to appear as if your internet connection is from the one of your choice. Once a location has been selected, simply tap the white button that takes up the majority of the screen. Once the button turns blue, real-time protection for all of your internet traffic will begin. Users can seamlessly stay protected while using their phone regularly, while the VPN only takes up less than 1% of battery; however, if you wish to disconnect, you simply press the button again.

Remember to keep your device and information safe with your Safehouse.

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